The Hollow Earth Society, LLC, is a for-profit arts movement.

For over one hundred years, the cabal of artists and scientists known as the Hollow Earth Society has probed the world’s most bizarre mysteries via an ever-mutating set of art books, rogue histories, and practical steampunk jewelry.

Dedicated to re-imagining the possibilities of history (especially the yet-impossible history of future), the Society is currently is led by two Brooklynites, Colonels Ethan Gould (illustrator, writer, puppeteer, cybernetics expert, hair model) and Wythe Marschall (writer, historian of science terror, artichoke enthusiast), who often rely on the advice of Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Aubrey (playwright, dramaturg, werewolf expert) and Captain Grace Baxter (painter, designer, jewelry-maker). (We also heartily thank here our ex-Adjutant-General Karen Taylor [librarian, educator, bookmaker].)

Our method is to write and illustrate books, then create websites that accompany and expand upon the ideas in those books, and finally produce events that, more often than not, mock those books, websites, and the Society itself. Each book–site–event examines a specific “real” art or science (anatomy, zoology, the myths of ancient Greece, the history of the American West) and strikes out along a perpendicular, heretofore unnoticed path, not in opposition to reality, but flat with reality, alongside reality, as the shadow to the lighted object.

Our latest projects include Suspicious Anatomy (“Helpful Workbooks On Your Difficult-To-Navigate Secondary Body” – suspiciousanatomy.com), a series of medical textbooks about recently discovered human organs and senses, in the style of David Cronenberg and John Hodgman (or perhaps H. P. Lovecraft…). Beginning with a reprinting of the classic Workbook No. 15: The Human Cranius, Suspicious Anatomy provides the first-year medicologist with a set of tools for treating (hunting) the fascinating and often deadly night-body.

Our newest book is Suspicious Zoology: Pet Gazette No. 1 (Uncommon “Friends”), a Classic Comics-style catalogue of new (and dangerous) pets for children, sponsored by EnviroChan, a suspicious Australian cable channel.

We are also currently selling hand-made or (at great cost!) hand-found steampunk(-ish) jewelry. Check out our online store, or tackle us at our gallery in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Upcoming projects include Amuletics (“the art, myth, and madness of the world’s earliest civilization”), an ongoing investigation into the art and semantic heritage of “Culture X,” a lost Near Eastern people who flourished during the Early Bronze Age.


The Society’s short motto is:  ”COMPOS ABYSSVM”—”To Control the Abyss;” metaphorically, “To Harness the Power of the Unconscious [For Good].”

The Society’s long motto is:  ”To chart the pasts that could have been, diffract the possibilities of the present, and make always strange and new the future.”


The Society exists to re-form time aesthetically, ethically, philosophically, nomadically, and in diverse other ways make beautiful chaos.

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