Find here information on all of the Society’s projects, including:

ELSEWHEN – being the story of the Living Library at Elsewhere, the Living Museum (Greensboro, NC), in which the Society is sent back in time to discover what makes a library such an important place of congregation, education, socializing, object-touching, and preservation.

SUSPICIOUS ANATOMY – being the definitive guide to the horrifying world inside you—finally available in lush, illustrated paperback!

SUSPICIOUS ZOOLOGY – being a catalogue (?), comic (?), kid’s book (!?), and animal-spotter’s manual (!!!) for the true beast-connoisseur. Open to any entry and discover a world of useful material about animals from the sea, animals invisible, animals rolling, and more!! (!!!!!)

JEWELRY & OTHER COLLECTIBLE SUNDRIES OF VALUE – being available for purchase here, beginning with the PINION collection of affordable luxury bedazzled steampunk monocle-amulets for the post-retro future-shaman in YOUR family! [Jewelry is currently sold out. Stay tuned or contact gallery (at symbol) for updates.]

AMULETICS – being, upcoming, an ongoing investigation into the art and semantic heritage of “Culture X,” a lost Near Eastern people who flourished during the Early and Middle Bronze Age.

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