Suspicious Zoology

Our second book, Suspicious Zoology, is coming soon!

Licensed from, and with special thanks to, our Australian cable television partners over at EnviroChan, Suspicious Zoology: Pet Gazette No. 1 (Uncommon “Friends”) is a wild—and possibly totally spurious—exploration of the animal kingdom!

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From the back of the book:

Take a wild ride through the exciting (and often dangerous!) world of animals
with this very special catalogue of uncommon “friends”—written by TV’s own
Sebastian “Bass” Knobloch, host of EnviroChan’s hit show, Whoooa there,
don’t pick ‘er up by that, she looks—OH, YEAH—RADICAL ANIMALS!!

From the wild minds behind SUSPICIOUS ANATOMY comes a catalogue (?),
comic (?), kid’s book (!?), and animal-spotter’s manual (!!!) for the true beast-
connoisseur. Open to any entry and discover a world of useful material about
animals from the sea, animals invisible, animals rolling, and more!! (!!!!!)

And from inside the book:

Welcome! to this helpful Pet Gazette, which can help you, the Young Pet Adventurer and “Friend” to the Animals, learn more about animals, how and when (and when not) to keep them as pets, and more!  Though mostly those first things!  If you’re new to the wacky world of animals, okay!  It’s okay.  We’ll discuss everything slooowly, and there will be pictures.

About the author:

Bass Knobloch (b. 1975 in the bulla manka of Oz) is the Fair Dinkum and is widely considered the most ripper of an expert on the bush to have ever emerged from beyond the Black Stump (and certainly more grouse than any gas bag Pommy bastard he’s ever squizzed on the old Idiot Box)…

FAST FACT:  Bird-bone is lighter than air!

The Elephance... maybe

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